Since 1984 the SELDOM brand
has been a byword for unusual
pullovers and knitted jackets
made from high quality materials
with a care for resources,implemented
with craftsmanship together
with German engineering skills.


The technology to knit a completely seamless pullover was developed at the end of the 20th century (1997-1999).

Primarily, to make it possible to continue producing in high wage countries such as Italy, Japan, or Germany. Since the programming can only be mastered by highly-trained specialists and the fact that in general production of knitted garments has been relocated to low-wage countries, the technology has not spread very far.


The seamless technology is for small individual production runs. A knitting machine, also produced in Germany, which costs about € 120,000 when new, produces a pullover in 60-90 minutes. This means a daily production of 14 pieces per machine.

Materials and suppliers

We prefer to maintain long-term relationships with our presuppliers. All the yarns for SELDOM products come from Italy and Austria.

Since 2015 we use only merino wool that has been certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and is produced by our presuppliers exclusively for SELDOM.