Rolf Meissner founded the SELDOM label with the aim of developing and producing high quality knitted jackets and pullovers. Seldom made a name for itself with knit/leather and fabric/knit combinations and was supplying to over 600 retailers worldwide.

In 1998 the label was sold and then rebought in 2003 by the original owners and integrated into MBM Development and Marketing GmbH, which is 100% family owned.

SELDOM stands for the highest standards for the materials we use together with quality production as well as innovation in knitting, for us the synthesis of creativity and technical implementation.

As a result the concept of sustainability comes increasingly to the forefront – the origin of the materials and the yarn, the use of modern technology in order to avoid waste during the pro-duction process. Today we produce for the local Central European market in Germany or in neighbouring European countries.

We produce showpieces favourites with a timeless design, which are not committed to the constant dictates for something new but rather to perfecting and further developing what has already been established.

Your Rolf & Martina Meissner

Do what you can.
Leave what
you can’t.


We concentrate exclusively on developing and producing exceptional knitwear.

Our day-to-day business has its focus on a stylistic aesthetic together with quality, combined with an environmental awareness and sustainability.

And for us sustainability certainly includes the working conditions of our own employees and how we deal with our business partners.

Our products are produced with the long-term in mind and are not subject to short-term trends.